EuroPadel Chirstmas dinner in Bois de Savanes

28 EuroPadel members gathered on Saturday Dec-13th in a wonderful Christmas dinner in a Thai restaurant full of good food and drinks. The evening started at 8:30 pm in  the nice resto Le Bois de Savanes in Town (next to Place Jourdan), owned by our distinguished EuroPadel member Jerome, who together with his team prepared the right atmosphere and beautifully decorated tables were old and new EuroPadel members joined the lively and joyful dinner. The dishes presented by the cook of Bois de Savanes were simply fantastic! Through out the night good memories and anecdotes from 2014 brought a lot of smiles and laughs and soon after that the Mexican couple started to sing some typical songs. Of course, Spanish and Italian songs were sang with a lot of enthusiasm as well.

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2014 has been a year of good padel, which is why we encourage all padel lovers to promote this wonderful sport amongst their friends and enjoy this woudnerful sport. The best gift we can ask for is to play this sport .
By Héctor.
Ref: Bois de Savanes (in town): Rue Froissard 69, in 1040 Etterbeek

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