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In its continuous effort for promoting and developing padel in Belgium, EuroPadel has created a padel academy, EuroPadel Academy, with the aim of provide a full range of services in order to fulfil the expectations of all its members.


EuroPadel Academy has five mayor working lines: 

  1. To provide full training at all different levels, from beginner to advanced and competition players.
  2. To organise the training for teams competing in the next coming interclub competitions.
  3. To organise the different tournaments: europadel tournaments and official Belgium federated tournaments.
  4. To organise clinics, bringing the possibility to all EuroPadel members for training with pro players.
  5. To organise different stages and social events.

WHERE will you be trained?

The academy will develop its main activities in the new facilities located in the CIE Club Overijse ( Dennenboslaan 54, 3090 Overijse).

WHEN will you be trained?

The different courses will take place during the week (from 7 p.m) and exceptionally, the week-ends.

As the academy is in a developing process, we will expand to other days and hours the courses offering.

FORMAT & FEES for training

The training is addressed only to members of EuroPadel
In principle we offer lessons for beginners (and if needed for intermediate), to groups from 2 up to 4, at different prices.
Group of 4: 10€ per 1 hour lesson
Group of 3: 12€ per 1 hour lesson
Group of 2: 15€ per 1 hour lesson

WHO will train you?


In order to arrange with CIE the timetables and booking the courts we would need to know who will interested to attend the lessons. In principle, the trainer will be Emilio Camba, and depending of the demand we would try to find more trainers.

HOW to register?

If you are interested, please send an e-mail as soon as possible to, and we will come back to you very soon.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to be able to enroll in different academy courses, you MUST be member of EuroPadel. If it is not the case and you are interested in doing so, you can become member of EuroPadel online.


Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.