About EuroPadel

EuroPadel is an association of Padel fans having a permanent residence in Brussels and surrounding communities. Since the association was founded in 2010, the number of members has significantly grown, with members of all nationalities and cultures. Given the huge success of Padel in Spain, EuroPadel embraces a lot of enthusiastic Spanish people.

EuroPadel’s mission is the promotion of the Padel sport. It has established contacts with the Belgian Federation of Padel and Padel Vlaanderen, as well as with clubs and professionals in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain and it is accredited by the “Groupement des Cercles de Loisirs” of the European Commission. EuroPadel is an association that welcomes active and retired European Institutional staff. As such it contributes to the integration of people who just landed in Brussels and Luxemburg with those who have already settled. Activities for a sound mind in a sound body are taken in the broadest sense, leveraging the multi-cultural blend of our members.

To promote the Padel sport, EuroPadel organises several events:

  • Pachanga: a very popular event, where players and supporters meet, greet and play. This weekly gathering is a unique opportunity to get to know the Padel sport in a relaxed and informal way.
  • Open Championships: EuroPadel organizes since March 2010, Open Championships. Thanks to the generosity of our partners and sponsors we offer great prices.
  • Workshops: EuroPadel frequently organizes workshops, classes and clinics for all level of players.
Members enjoy privileged access to the events and free participation in the Pachangas.

EuroPadel Executive Committee

President: Curro Bravo

Vice-President: Alfonso de la Fuente Garrigosa

Treasurer: Emilio Camba Barbolla

Sport Manager: María Treviño

Secretary & Events Manager: Sandy Mateo

Logistic Manager: Isabel Alonso Lasheras



EuroPadel Contacts

EuroPadel asbl

email: info@europadel.net  or use our contact form

website: www.europadel.net