Where to Play


Waterloo Tennis offers two Padel courts (one open and one covered)

Waterloo Tennis
Boulevard Henri Rolin, 5b
1410 Waterloo
Téléphone : 02/354.58.18
Fax : 02/353.03.40

EuroPadel members can book courts online all year through. These are the rules for using the courts:

  • Every member is going to have a membership card.  To play a padel match it is compulsory to present this card at the entrance of the club, on the bar. If members bring friends non members to play, each one has to pay 10 Euros as payment of the corresponding part of the use of the court; if there are more than 2 non-members, then they will pay the full court that it is 25€/h.
  • We need a picture, telephone number and e-mail adress of each member to appear in the card. Also, the picture of each member has to appear together with the login and password in the system of the club’s booking (click on “Mon compte”). If somebody does not know how to do this, please contact Brian at Brian@waterloo-sports.be and he will help you.
  • Every member can book one hour and a half to play a padel match and after 3 days, can book again one hour and a half. But please, it is forbiden to leave holes between in  the same reservation, if this ever happens, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
  • In the same way, you are kindly requested to cancel the booking of the court if the match if finally not going to take place. Even if is just half an hour before.

Driving directions:


CIE – Centre interinstitutionnel européen   (for members working in the EU institutions)
Denneboslaan 54
BE-3090 Overijse
Link to the intranet

EuroPadel members that work for the European Institutions and their relatives can use the beautiful padel courts.

TC Panorama – BePadel
Hengstenberg, 77
BE-3090 Overijse
Tel.: +32 2 687 55 33

logoPadel4u2Padel 4U2 is an exclusive Padel club in Gent and offers 8 courts, most of them covered
Special prices for Europadel members.
Try out the exclusive padel-beer!
Emanuel Hielstraat 108
9050 Gentbrugge

everepadelEvere (Brussels)
Avenue des anciens Combattants, 350
1140 Evere (Brussels)

 Uccle (Brussels)
Chaussée de Ruisbroeck 18
1180 Uccle (Brussels)

Mor information Tel: +32 479 46 65 53 / info@padelbrugge.be
Geralaan, 51
8310 Sint-Kruis Brugge


Tennis Club de Géronsart

Every day 9h to 23h, reservations at 081 30 57 57
Rue de la Luzerne(JB), 3
5100 Namur

Le Roeulx
Le Smashing Club Le Roeulx est situé à l’orée du bois de Le Roeulx, à quelques pas de la N55 et de la E19.
Rue de la Station 142
7070 Le Roeulx

Rue des Trois Rois
BE-4600 Visé
Tel.: +32 4 379 48 12
Route du condroz 99
Tel.: +32 4 365 14 91

Koninginnelaan, 83
8400 Oostende
Tel.: +32 59 70 21 70