Europadel a dream becoming real

Europadel foundation (2010)

Early September 2009, just back from their summer holidays, a group of friends gathered for BBQ in a nice garden in Watermael-Boitsfort. You know: apero and fresh sangria, telling funny vacation stories… until one mentioned the “P” word… : Hey folks, you know, this summer I tried padel, and it was fun… OMG! Devil was unleashed! Chit-chat gave way to excited dis- cussion, each of them bragging who was better player and who had played more or had better padel racket… Suddenly, one said: you know, there is one padel court in Belgium, is in Waterloo, I have seen it! Silence. The challenge came sudden: no hay huevos de ir a jugar el proximo Lunes! (you don ́t have the guts to go and play nextMonday!).

The reply was also brutal: Sujétame el cubata!! (Hold my beer dude!).

First ever EuroPadel banner (2012)

First ever EuroPadel banner (2012)

There you go: next Monday evening the 4 friends, a.k.a. the 4 Padel Cowboys of Brussels (Emilio, Alfonso, Juan, and Jorge – later replaced by Fernando and Curro) started a tradition that has lasted
over 10 years now, known as “Los Lunes al Padel” – expression lately copied by some famous filmmakers.

They played restlessly every single Monday forever then, and in April 2010 – during the aftermatch beer, a new challenge came in all of a sudden: “No hay huevos de organizar un Campeonato de padel aquí en Bélgica” (you don’t have the guts, etc…). You already know the brutal answer: “Sujetame el cubata!”. And so was the creation of the I EuroPadel Trophy, a weekend tournament celebrated in Waterloo Tennis Club in April 2010 that was the seed for the foundation of EuroPadel in May 2010. And until now, with 18 tournaments and over 250 pachangas organised, countless members, friends and followers, and hours and hours of padel and fun… Sujetame el cubata!!

Photo From Article in “Commision Direct” May 2012

Photo From Article in “Commision Direct” May 2012

Viva EuroPadel ! Play Padel, Have Fun !

By Alfonso de la Fuente Garrigosa, Vice-President and founder – April 2019

Article published on EuroPadel Newsletter | Volume 1, Issue 1 | May 2019

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