X Europadel Anniversary is approaching

The tenth Anniversary of Europadel is coming. It is true, in 2020 we will celebrate 10 years from our creation. The Europadel Board is already working hard to prepare unforgettable events which will take place during next year. We still remember our party celebrating the 5th Anniversary in 2015 with a fantastic rock ... More

First ever EuroPadel banner (2012)

Europadel a dream becoming real

Europadel foundation (2010) Early September 2009, just back from their summer holidays, a group of friends gathered for BBQ in a nice garden in Watermael-Boitsfort. You know: apero and fresh sangria, telling funny vacation stories... until one mentioned the “P” word... : Hey folks, you know, this summer I tried ... More

Best Pádel is here. WPT in Brussels

Dear padel lovers, Best Pádel players will be in Brussels next weekend, 18-20 August WPT (World Padel Tour) organise an exhibition in the center of Brussels, more information here. Entrance is free, so do not hesitate to come and enjoy best Pádel in the world, check out the schedule: And following week, 23-27 ... More

Happy New Year 2016 full of Padel!

This year 2015 we celebrated the 5th anniversary of EuroPadel club, five years enjoying and promoting padel! Also it has been a breakout year for the padel in Belgium, a lot of new courts have been built, in Uccle, Overijse, Brugge, etc. You have a list of places where you can play under the "Where to play" tab in the top ... More

Vacaciones en el mar… con Padel

Ya comienza el "verano" y las merecidas vacaciones para todos los socios de EuroPadel. No dejeis de aprovechar la oportunidad para practicar nuestro amado deporte durante vuestras vacaciones, tanto si os vais fuera como si os quedais.   No será por falta de oportunidades, que teneis padel hasta en los cruceros, ... More