XIV EUROPADEL OPEN – 18-20 November 2016

Dear all, During the last 18-20 November  Europadel celebrated its XIV trophy, but this time it was the first official tournament for the Belgium Ranking. The Tournament took placed in the premises of the CIE in Overijse and it was a big success. The responsible of the tournament Juanjo Alcalde did a very good job and ... More

XIV EuroPadel Open at CIE-Overijse (VLA100)

Sign up for the XIV EuroPadel OPEN100!!! We will play in the CIE club at Overijse the 18th, 19th and 20th of November. Information about the tournament: 1) First official EuroPadel tournament (VLA Federation), granting up to 100 points for the Belgian Official Ranking 2) Categories: Male A,B // Female A,B ... More

XVI EuroPadel Trophy – City of Gent – Padel4U2

Dear padel lovers, we are lucky because the traditional EuroPadel Mixed trophy in Padel4U2 is here! Reserve the June 17th in your agenda to enjoy padel a gogo. This time the tournament will take place only in one day.   The mixed double competition is limited to 32 teams. The tournament is reserved to ... More

XII EuroPadel Trophy – Overijse (CIE)

Next EuroPadel Mixed trophy is here! This time it will be in Overijse on April 30th and May 1st, 2016. Book your agenda to enjoy the new padel facilities of the European Interinstitutional Centre (CIE). CIE – Centre interinstitutionnel européen Denneboslaan 54 BE-3090 Overijse Tel.: +32 2 299 07 80 &nb... More

Next tournaments organized under Flemish Federation

These are the next tournaments organized by our friends of Padel4U2 and Padelclub of Brugge. They are VLA-100 tournaments, it means they are official tournaments recognized by Padel Federations and you can get points for the ranking on the federation. 9-10 April: Mixed tournament in Ghent: Padel4U2 (VLA-100 ... More