EuroPadel on August 23, 2016

Dear Europadel members and supporters, you can renew your membership or apply for a new membership (for the period from September 1, 2016 until August 31, 2017)

We keep the same membership fee as last season: 160 € per year (120 € for partners/spouses of a member, 80€ for members living abroad and 50€ for members under 18) and entitles you to:

  • Rent a padel court for free at the Waterloo Tennis.
  • Free participation in the weekly “pachangas” (usually every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm, weather permitting)
  • Priority registration and reduced price for tournaments organized by Europadel.
  • Priority registration and reduced price for the padel classes organized by Europadel.
  • Participation in all activities and events organized by Europadel (celebrations, inter-club championships, rankings, etc …)
  • Annual Membership Fee of the Flemish Padel Federation (Padel Vlaanderen)
  • Reduced price to rent courts in the Club Padel 4U2 of Ghent

European Institutions fee

The officials working for the European Institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, European Council, etc.) that are members of EuroPadel are entitle to enter in the CIE club in Overjise. In the case the official is only interested on the CIE club (no access to Waterloo Tennis club) s/he can register only for this club, paying 50€ yearly (Sept-Aug)

To become a member please proceed as follows:

– pay the membership fee (160 € for new members and 120 € for partners, 80€ for members living abroad and 50€ for members under 18 years) to:
  Europadel asbl – BBVA account
BBVA 642 – 0022455 – 49
IBAN BE97642002245549
– As reference, indicate your name(s)
 new members only: send the duly signed (with picture) the registration form to
You can download the form here:
EuroPadel on July 20, 2016

Dear members and supporters, Beste Gentenaars , Queridos Europadelistas

This year 2016 we have organized our 4th Europadel tournament in Gent, and like the previous ones, it has been a complete success.

Each year we are getting better and better and we wish to going on and on ………….

This year we were 25 teams, 8 from EuroPadel and 17 from Padel 4U2. Once again, Padel 4U2 teams dominated the trophy and Jana and Nick got the first place after winning a brilliant final match against Celine and Marnick. Congratulations to Jana and Nick which obtained for the first time the first place in our tournament.

The third place went to María Treviño and Curro from EuroPadel which won against Sonsoles and Emilio in the “petite” final in a very hard and tight match. María received the annual special prize of Europadel to recognize all the work she has made to promote padel in Belgium. Congratulations María and thanks a lot for all your work.

Two another circumstances must be underlined, the first was the challenge match between Padel 4U2 and EuroPadel which took placed Saturday evening after the victory of Belgium against  Ireland in the European Football Cup  3-0.  This year again Padel 4U2 won or even destroyed EuroPadel team (Curro and Emilio) :-(. But there were serious doubts about the performance of a player of Padel 4U2, Jan Bonnarens which played too well (even better than Nick) !!!!! Next year there will be anti-doping test, at least for the challenge match.

The wheather this year was not so good, at least, Saturday but Sunday was fantastic, and given the quality of the padel courts of Padel 4U2 we could complete all the matches without any problem; specially thanks to the players which demonstrated a commendable sportive spirit, fair play and friendship approach.

The second point to be highlighted was that Saturday morning during the rain two sun’s rays unexpectedly  appeared in the club in the form of volley players. As a consequence, next year another challenge has to be organized, a volley match between Padel 4U2 and EuroPadel, I will be together with Alfonso the trainer for EuroPadel and We have already two players in our team !!!  Good luck Padel 4U2 !




The tombola was a big success as usual, we would like to thank once again all our sponsors Air Europa, La Casa Escrivá, Vin de mois, Bullpadel, Alfonso Escubos, BBVA,  Bois Savanes, Casa Asturias, Terras Gaudas, Finca Can Ramón, Ghent River Hotel and Spyke for their generosity and commitment with Padel !

Here you can find the link to the album with the pictures of the trophy (Thanks a lot Sandy !!!)

Guys, take care and LONG LIFE TO PADEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EuroPadel on May 30, 2016

Dear padel lovers, we are lucky because the traditional EuroPadel Mixed trophy in Padel4U2 is here! Reserve the weekend of June 18th-19th in your agenda to enjoy padel a gogo.

The mixed double competition is limited to 32 teams. EuroPadel, and Padel4U2 members will participate at preferential rates. Contact if you are looking for a partner to team up with. Each team will play at least three games.

This year there will be available hamburgers and sandwiches during Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we will have BBQ organized by our friends of Padel4U2 and later on we will organize a big raffle during the closing ceremony with great prizes.

Venue for all events:


Padel 4u2, Emanuel Hielstraat 108, 9050 Gentbrugge.


Trophy participation fees:

– EuroPadel, and Padel4U2 members:    15€ per player

– non-members:  30€ per player

To make easier the registration procedure, please use this form:

Your subscription will be final and confirmed, upon receipt of your payment in our bank account:



IBAN  BE97 6420 0224 5549

Please indicate as reference “XIII Trophy + your name(s)” in the payment. Then send an e-mail to with the proof of the payment and the players’ name.

We will create a WhatsApp group for sharing info/pictures about this event, if you want to be included then please indicate also you phone number in the registration form.

Last day for inscription June 13th, so do not wait till the last minute. We will proceed on first-come first-serve basis.

¡A jugar!

EuroPadel on May 14, 2016

Here you are the information about next tournaments organized by our friends of PCB in Bruges in May and June. These are 1 day tournament, so you can have a lovely day playing padel and watching padel in the beautiful premises of the club, and since they are VLA-100 you could get official padel federation points.

B-TOURNAMENT: May 29th  (registration till 25th)
DOUBLES MIXED: June 5th  (registration till 1st)
A-TOURNAMENT: June 19th  (registration till 15th)

PCB-2016-A-tornooi PCB-2016-Dubbel gemengd PCB-2016-B-tornooi





Couples from every form or kind can participate in the A & B tournaments: double men, double women or mixed couple. The mixed doubles on June the 5th is of course only accessible for mixed couples. You can get more information in this leaflet: PCB-2016-Invitation tournaments Bruges

Remember that on the weekend of June 18th-19th we have our traditional EuroPadel mixed trophy in Padel4U2.

EuroPadel on May 6, 2016

Dear members and supporters:

Last week-end another Europadel’s trophy took place. The XII Europadel Trophy !!!!!. This time was in the high-class sports facilities of CIE in Overijse. 12 mixed teams were playing and enjoying during two days in a wonderful atmosphere.


3 groups of 4 teams developed a very high level of padel and new teams got the trophies.






The new champions were Sonsoles and Michel which won in the final to Méline and Felix Jr.


Meline and Felix Jr. were the main surprise of the tournament, two guys under 16 year old were destroying all the teams till the final. Wonderful performance and we will see them winning very soon. Bravo Méline and Felix.

The winners Sonsoles and Michel did not have major difficulties during the tournament, they shown a big superiority and they won all the matches without much difficulties, losing only  1 set, in the phase of groups, against the young guys. Congratulations to both and enjoy your deserve victory !

There was an extended rumor than Sonsoles would leave her previous partner  Emilio to going on with Michel in next tournaments ………

Emilio who was injured and could not participate in this tournament was asked about this new affair and he only answered NO COMMENT.

The third position were to Isabel and Curro and the fourth to Iciar and Rafa.


Isabel and Curro (in the picture during the semifinal) started Saturday playing very well and became one of the favorites but Sunday in the semifinal they did not perform well against Sonsoles and Michel and lost. However they defeated Iciar and Rafael and got the third position of the tournament.

Iciar and Rafael were the main bad suprise, we are sorry for that. The organisation made imposible things to give Rafael the chance to win something but, again, it was not possible. Rafael was playing with the best female player, our very well known Iciar, superb trainer of Europadel and they started as the main favorites to win the tournament.  But in the semifinal  they lost against Méline and Feliw in three hard sets.


In the Semifinal (see picture) Rafa  after winning the first set,  needed extra help as he suffered dehydration during the match. People gave him chocolate, sandwiches, sugar ….. trying to recover him but they did not succeed and they lost. Some people did not believe it and they said that it was not dehydration but stress to see his wife, La LEONA DE SAN MAMES looking at him in a provocative way. Do not forget that LA LEONA won some trophies in the past and RAFA did not !!!!!! and she wanted to remain the only one at home with trophyes. Poor Rafa !!!!!!

By the way, Iciar promised to come back soon to give new padel lessons.

We would like to higlight that Lara and Mark won the consolation category  winning in the final against Sandy and Fernando

The ceremony of the trophy was a big succeed and  a lot of presents were distributed to the participants


We would like to give lots of thanks to all our sponsors to support the tournament, i.e.  Air Europa, Alfonso Escubos, Bullpadel, Bar Asturias, Telefonica, Vin de Mois and  Tourespaña.
During the trophy Radio Alma interviewed our vice-president Alfonso. Click in the following link

El padel, un deporte con más adeptos

Finally Here you can see in the following link  the album of pictures of the trophy

View post

Thanks a lot to everybody participants, OIB (Paola), sponsors and members and see you in Ghent in JUNE.  Remember the 18th   and 19th  June. Do not miss this chance to enjoy another wonderful mixed TROPHY.

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